Bridget Vinson-O’Neal,MS, LBSW –IPR is a Licensed Social Worker, group facilitator, presenter and is currently the Executive Director of First Choice Social Service Non-profit agency in Garland, Texas. Mrs. Vinson-O’Neal has over 20 years of experience working with diverse populations with victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. Mrs. Vinson-O’Neal implemented the first grass root domestic violence outreach program for women of color at The Family Place in Dallas Texas.

Three Areas You are good at around Domestic Violenc

  1. Developing and Implementing new Men’s Battering Intervention and Prevention Programs adhering to accrediting agencies guidelines. Assisting with writing policy and procedures, training staff, design forms etc. Developing Partner Advocate Program to assist in victim safety. 
  2. Battering Intervention and Prevention Program Facilitation/Training; Direct group facilitation as well as train the trainer for new workers. 
  3. Community Involvement : Building relationships in communities through coalitions, awareness rallies and programs facilitated by BIPP alumni in effort to promote a Circle of Accountability. Developing and Implementing awareness events such as Law Enforcement Trainings, Town Hall Forums, Round table discussions and more to increase community involvement as well as community accountability. 



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 Jennifer King has over 32 years of criminal justice experience with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice-Community Justice Assistance Division (TDCJ-CJAD).  Currently she is a Regional Director with the TDCJ-CJAD and is assigned to the state oversight of 42 of the 123 probation departments in the State of Texas.  Additionally, Ms. King oversees the Funding and Accreditation of all Batterers Intervention and Prevention Programs (BIPPs) in Texas.   Ms. King has held several positions while at TDCJ-CJAD which include Director of Family Violence Intervention Programs, Assistant Regional Director, Planner, Field Services Specialist and Interstate Compact Analyst.   While serving as Director of Family Violence Intervention Programs Ms. King worked on and was responsible for leading stakeholders in the State of Texas in the development of an Accreditation process for Batterers Intervention and Prevention Programs (BIPP).  Additionally, Ms. King has worked on several Federal initiatives with the Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community (IDVAAC) which include the Safe Return Initiative as well the African American Domestic Peace Project (AADPP).  Ms. King has a Masters in Criminal Justice Management and a B.A. in Criminal Justice. 


  1. Grant Development and Review
  2. Program Development, Implementation and Evaluation
  3. Policy Development