R. Tracey Hickmon, MA
Rebuilding and Community Outreach Coordinator
Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

R. Tracey Hickmon holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the University of Florida and a Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling at Webster University in Ocala, Florida.  She is a member of the Black on Black Crime Task Force, the Citizens Academy Alumni Association, The Coordinated Community Response to Domestic Violence in Alachua County,  American Counseling Association, International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors, and Miracle Temple Church, Inc.  Mrs. Hickmon has been married to Rev. Byers L. Hickmon, Sr., LCDR, Ret, for almost 30 years, they have three children, one grandson and two grand puppies.  Mrs. Hickmon loves to read and travel.

When someone experience a life storm because their intimate partner utilizes physical or sexual violence to maintain patterns of power and control, the effects are likened to the devastation experienced from a hurricane or tornado.  If the victim survives the active storm, the survivor now faces the daunting process of rebuilding their life. My passion is to empower people to develop healthy relationships, to create a family environment where all members can grow and reach their fullest potential. This passion is used to empower and to serve victim/survivors in the Empowered to Live the Life YOU Choose REbuilding Program; to strengthen a community resource, the Faith Community in Alachua County, Florida, to develop a resourceful (not a roadblock) response to church congregants impacted by IPV and to recruit men for the MOB - Men On Board Against Domestic Violence to be informed bystanders at work creating safe communities.

The Empowered to Live the Life YOU Choose Rebuilding Program empowers and educates Climbers (victims/survivors) of Intimate Partner Violence (aka IPV) by giving hope when there seemingly is no hope, believing the impossible is possible, learning to stand-up and/or advocate for oneself regardless of the negative influences that have plagued their lives, all the while struggling inside the symbolic chrysalis on the journey to build resilience, to work through the Rebuilding-Block Model and attend Rebuilding Workshops wherein Climbers learn from the past, learn to know themselves better, and develop new parts of the self that were previously unknown or hidden due to effect of dynamics of IPV in their relationship, and define freedom to become a flitting butterfly.  Mrs. Hickmon outreaches through various community efforts, asking the question, "Are you living the life YOU Choose?"

The Faith Communities Coming Together, began in 2010 when Climbers perceived the church to be a roadblock due to victim blaming responses that silence the victim/survivor congregant instead of a resource for healing, hope and support.  The purpose of this effort focused to increase awareness of IPV in a faith setting while offering a 4-hour seminar to increase awareness, provide a handbook, and develop a protocol to respond to disclosures in a church setting.

Since the 1970s women have have primarily stood for equality and healthy relationships.  In 2013, the question was asked, "Where are the men?"  All men do not utilize power and control to terrorize their partner and families.  Another question was asked, "Why are healthy men silent?"  Hence the creation of the MOB?  The MOB - Men On Board Against Domestic Violence recruits men who are willing to stand against intimate partner violence, become an informed bystander and be at work engaged in keeping their community safe.

Three Things I Do Well 

  1. Healthy relationship building and maintenance.
  2. Empower survivors (female and male) to rebuild their lives during post separation domestic violence tactics and after the initial domestic violence storm.
  3. Liaise with Faith community to develop their response to disclosures of domestic violence in a faith-based setting.

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