Dr. John L. Casteele executive director of Casteele Williams & Assoc since 1986.  Major in Public Health Ed. in 1973. Pastor of Lamb of GOD C.C.C. since 1997. Achieved his Masters in Psychology Counseling in 1986. He earned his Doc. Min. of Theology in 1994. His PhD. in Psychology with a focus on Christian American Family in 1996. He is the President of United Theological Seminary of Tacoma branch since 2005. John L. Casteele Jr. is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and Chemical Dependency Professional. He is also a designated Domestic Violence Counselor Supervisor.


  1. Provides Mental Assessments & diagnoses and Treatment for individuals who are refereed by Courts, DSHS,TRICARE and most  major insurance  
  2. Provide Assessments & diagnoses and Treatment for individuals Veterans seeking treatment for PTSD Trauma for individuals, couple counseling and groups.
  3. Provide Assessments & diagnoses and Treatment for individuals who seeking  Intensive Outpatient Treatment services for Chemical Dependency

Adrienne Casteele is the director of H.O.P.E, victim advocate service, specializing in the African Woman in the community since 2005. She is also director of Domestic Violence Division at Casteel Williams & Associates. Director of Faces of Unity annual conference outreach program for woman since 2000. Licensed Minister and Coach for women ministries. B.A in Counselors of Arts in 2005. B.A in Theology in 2007 and a Masters in Marriage & Counseling Therapy.


  1. Provides Domestic Violence Assessments & diagnoses and Treatment for individuals who are refereed by Courts and or advocacy.
  2. Provide Safety plans,resource referral and support specializes in African-American women seeking help for Intimate Partner Violence
  3. Provide Therapeutic individual, couple, and women empowerment groups to assist women in breaking the cycle of violence that  often springs from intergenerational trauma


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Sherina James has over 20 years of experience in the victim services field, working at both the local and state level. Sherina currently works at Washington State’s Office of Crime Victim Advocacy managing grants and contracts for victim service providers. Her employment history includes the Department of Corrections’ Victim Services Program, the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs, as well as the King County Sexual Assault Program.  She is the past Chair of the Pierce County Commission Against Domestic Violence in Tacoma, WA and currently serves as a volunteer with the Commission’s Community Engagement and Communications workgroup. As a Community Victim Liaison at the Department of Corrections, Sherina has engaged with the Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community (IDVAAC) for 9 years, most recently as a work-group coordinator for the African American Domestic Peace Project initiative in Tacoma. Sherina is a graduate of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, where she earned degrees in Human Services and Social Work with a focus in Gerontology. Sherina brings passion, expertise, a smile and a sense of humor to the African American Domestic Peace Project.


  1. Skilled in building key collaborations and strategic inter-agency partnerships and coordinated community responses to domestic and sexual violence.
  2. Personalized, practical safety planning for domestic violence survivors.
  3. Service coordination for civil Legal needs of sexual assault survivors